FSC Programs

Intake, Assessment and Referral Services/Screening and Referral

survivalFamilies and individuals requesting assistance at the FSC complete an application and speak to an Intake Worker who will complete a needs assessment and provide a referral to the appropriate community resource. Cooperative agreements with over two dozen agencies and churches collaborate with FSC to make this possible. The worker also establishes if there is an issue with transportation to the agency. When families are not able to come into the agency for services, the situation is referred to a case manager who would then make a home visit and continue the assessment. For clients needing or requesting more comprehensive services during their visit to FSC, a Case Manager is available to provide services after an in depth assessment of the situation.

Case Management

Case management services are provided to families and individuals who are referred by intake, DHR, court, private attorneys, schools, and other collaborating agencies. Case managers provide services based on the belief that families should be preserved and strengthened in order to nurture and raise children in a safe, healthy, and stable environment. Case managers work with families to identify strengths, needs and provide goal directed services that will promote self- sufficiency. Family safety is assessed on a regular basis and any identified issues are addressed appropriately. When concerns of child abuse or neglect are identified reports are made to DHR. For additional information or referral form email the Case Manager at casemanager@familyservicescc.org

East Central Alabama FOCUS

ECA FOCUS is a program contracted through Alabama programsDepartment of Human Resources. The program provides In-home intensive family preservation services based on the Homebuilder’s Model. Referrals are made to this program by DHR from a seven county area to include: Calhoun, Cherokee, Clay, Cleburne, Randolph, St. Clair and Talladega. These services are provided to help families alleviate a crisis that might lead to out-of-home placement of children; maintain the safety of children in their own homes; support families preparing to reunify; and assist families in obtaining services and other support necessary to address their multiple needs in a culturally sensitive manner. Family support services are primarily community-based preventive activities designed to alleviate stress and promote parental competencies and behaviors that will increase the ability of families to successfully nurture their children; enable families to use other resource opportunities available in the community, and create supportive networks to enhance child rearing abilities of parents and help compensate for the increased social isolation and vulnerability of families. For additional information or a referral form email the ECA FOCUS program at ecafocus@familyservicescc.org

Victims of Violent Crime Counseling

Any individual within Calhoun or Cleburne counties who have been the victim of a violent crime will be entitled to individual or group counseling services at no cost to the victim. These services are provided to help the victim overcome the effects of trauma. The Crime Victims Counselor will accept referrals from any outside agency. In the event a client identifies an immediate safety or crisis concern; the counselor will attempt to schedule an appointment within 24 hours. If the scheduling of an appointment cannot occur within the 24 hour period a safety plan will be made for the client. These could include but are not limited to shelter protection from abuse, legal advocacy and emergency financial assistance. If after the initial session or throughout the therapeutic intervention the counselor recognizes a need for additional diagnosis and/or treatment of potential mental health disorders, the counselor will provide information on an appropriate local provider. For additional information or to schedule an appointment email the VOC Counselor at voccounselor@familyservicescc.org

Parenting Education

holding_babyThe parenting program is designed to empower families and provide information regarding appropriate parenting both individually, and in a group setting. The purpose of the program is to provide parenting education and support services geared toward preventing child abuse and neglect, thus protecting children and strengthening families. The program will also improve family access to other formal and informal resources and opportunities for assistance available within the community. The classes are provided on site or in the community. Referrals are received from FSC Intake, DHR, private attorneys, Family Court, Health Dept., Law Enforcement agencies, Juvenile Probation, Women’s shelters and other community partners. Sessions from Active Parenting will address: How to respond to age appropriate behaviors; What children need at different ages (to include physical and mental); Activities to enhance awareness of child’s positive qualities and strengthen family bonds; Coping skills, to include developing and using informal support systems; Developing skills to recognize warning signs for at risk behaviors by parent. For additional information or to enroll in a parenting class email socialworker@familyservicescc.org

Survival Skills for Women

Survival Skills for Women is a ten week workshop designed to help women capitalize on their own knowledge and strengths, encourages them to learn about available community resources, and provides useful life skills. It is designed to work in two ways, first to provide opportunities for meeting supportively with other women in similar circumstances and second, to teach skills that increases personal and economic independence. Support, encouragement and empowerment are vital aspects of the program and enhance the skills of learning. Many participants have found jobs and gotten off welfare and some have returned to school to complete a GED, enter vocational training, or obtain a college degree. Program participants have become more confident, healthier and independent. For additional information or to enroll in a class email socialworker@familyservicescc.org